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1 February 2011 | Some new works have been added to our portfolio!

It is Art-project for Dmitry Ponktatev, E-card for beauty salon "Scherzo", Business-site for Gallery "Izmailovo". There are more works in our portfolio!

5 January 2011 | Happy New Year!

The beginning of this year is quite cheerful. at the same time we have started projects: Art-project of Dmitry Ponktatev and e-Card for Gallery "Izmailovo".

6 December 2010 | Our profile on Facebook!

It is one more helper for representatives of creative professions. There is information about Art-project: news, achievements, done projects.

We are planning to make the same for Business-site projects.
Keep in touch!

17 November 2010 | Results of web-solutions research "We are different!" have been published!

The main idea of the research is to describe the important points of selecting a partner. There is a chart with solutions of various companies.

4 November 2010 | Some new works have been added to our portfolio!

It is Art-project for Igor Kuznetsov, E-card for IBS (International Business Systems Group Sarl), Business for roofing company "RoofHauz". There are more works in our portfolio!

4 October 2010 | The fourth version of our website started functioning

Along with the company itself the website is changing for the better, absorbing and accumulating new ideas and functionality. The new website is based on the renovated conception. As soon as it works properly some promos are planned to be started. Check out our news regularly, dont miss considerable discounts!

19 October 2009 | Michael Ivanovs master class Contextual advertising and websites search optimization.

Michael is one of the founders of IMIKS Company, which specializes in advertising campaigns of premium class in Internet. The company is also occupied by website analyzing and pure search optimization. IMIKS has been EVARTs partner since 2007.

19 July 2009 | A huge project is finished our client approved of Maximum auto showroom website

There is laconic and functional design, convenient navigation. In case you need to catch urgently maximum of the latest information about brand-new autos, dont hesitate to visit maximum41.ru, you are not going to regret!

7 May 2009 | EVART moved to a new office located in 10, 2nd Roshinskaya Str (Tukskaya metro station).

What can one say here? Everythings growing and changing, so are we. EVART has been always trying to be up-to-date. Now its a time for growth, more clients, and more projects. The new office will let us work more productively. We are there to serve your every need!

14 April 2009 | the promo Every third websites for free started

Long and profitable cooperation with Moscow artists and art-galleries proved that a small amount of people uses Internet opportunities to the full. To let everyone interested be a part of the lucky Internet services consumers, we announced the promo Every third websites for free, moreover it coincided with EVARTs birthday.
The promo details one can learn here. Check out for other news!